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Play with Purpose.


Greater Careers

You are smart, aware, and motivated.
Join us in creating the next evolution of gaming.

You have a curious spark

From developing code to circuits to business models, from designing games to UX to curriculae, we need you to help us bring the nebulous into being.


You're an expressive chord

Story is at the heart of every Greater experience, but we rarely say what can be shown, and rarely show what can be baked in deep. Bring your love of the heroic journey to help us weave magic into the fabric of Greater worlds.


you reach with fascination 

As more game properties, wearable technologies, and fitness groups seek to merge into entertaining experiences, we need your ranging capabilities and diverse background to help bridge these disciplines.

Forget the resume for now. Send us a note about your qualifications and let us know how Greater's mission fits with yours.