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Walk in two worlds at once



We have been rocked by a planet-sized disaster. Now you and your community must help rebuild civilization from the rubble, one step at a time. 

Combat humanity's darker nature in the game world as you earn powers by getting fit in this world. 


The Message

In the year 2032, AI uncovers a message in human DNA: a manual for how to operate the human apparatus, instructions for piloting the solar system with the oceans, and a distress signal with coordinates to a distant star.

Your friends will notice how much more active you've been lately. No wonder. You've been restoring balance to the oceans and guiding the solar system to a new Universe. 



The Queen of wolves has fallen ill as the rise of industrialization weakens the forest. You must lead your pack on an epic adventure to find a cure. Speed, strength, and stamina are everything to the wolf--that and teamwork.

Be the wolf who saves the throne by running with your virtual pack in real life.


Kitty Nigiri

When elite passengers fleeing a devastated Earth awake from cryogenic sleep with their destination nowhere in sight and food supplies waning, they raid the DNA banks to sate their hunger and boredom with deathtrap dinner theater. You play Kitty, a hybrid cat who must solve deadly laser puzzles or end up on someone's plate.

You will survive to save a multitude of kittens and overthrow this unjust madness. Your secret sauce? In an alternate reality, a human boosts your abilities by learning meditation and breath control.

Play an early access version of the game in VR: Go to to learn more.


Die Before Death

Death is one of life’s few inevitabilities and yet is a complete mystery. What happens to us, to consciousness, to self when our bodies cease to live?

The question has piqued the curiosity and attention of philosophers, mystics, scientists, artists, theologians, and tavern dwellers alike since time immemorial.

Die Before Death is an immersive installation that weaves together the digital and biological, the philosophical and artistic, the theoretical and practical.

Some experiences are forgettable. Your death won’t be one of them.

Explore the mystical face of death and confront fear itself in the game as you bolster your avatar's insight scores through keeping a journal, breathing, and meditating.


The Beautiful War

You have been recruited by a secret society of sleepers to continue fighting the ancient war for reality itself, and it takes place inside your dreams. Play on a team of shapeshifting dreamers as they fight the void and make the powers of comic book superheroes look downright mundane.

Embrace the dual role of the creative dreamer and hardened soldier. Battle for reality in the virtual world while learning to breathe slower, meditate longer, and sleep deeper.

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