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How it Plays


A Day in the Life of a Greater Game

Our games are still in development and can only be tried on a limited basis. *Cue collective sigh.* So to demonstrate, we're going to follow Sara through a typical day in a Greater game. While every game is different in its details, they all blur the boundaries of the onscreen and offscreen worlds in similar ways... 


1. Wake Up Call

As Sara gets ready for the day, she makes sure her phone is charged up for a day of offscreen gaming. She has an invite to a campaign--An Expedition to the Twin Peaks, where aliens and dragons mingle--but her character isn't high enough level to join in. Too bad, her astral powers could really help her clan.


2. Commute to Work

She leaves home early but passes her usual bus stop. She's going to walk to work; extra shoes and everything. During the walk she listens to a few clues she saved from yesterday's gaming session. If she can only figure out what it all means the next mission will go much smoother. The walk gains her twenty endurance points which she can spend in the game. Eighty more points until she levels up. Maybe she'll be able to join in the mission after all.


3. Coffee Break

It's raining and she doesn't want to get soaked, so that scrubs her plan for leveling up during a run at lunch. Chen will be picking her up for the gaming session right after work. She hopes he won't be disappointed. She's running out of time. How will she get those points? She gets an email from the boss saying the report needs to be finished today. Not next week. Today. Stress, anyone?


4. Lunch Break

Luckily, the game also awards points for breathing practices. She hasn't tried one yet, but her watch does have a heart rate monitor... for every twenty minutes she keeps her heart rate in the calm range she'll earn twenty points. With all the work she has in front of her, meditating is the last thing she wants. She imagines what her game character would do... and puts on her headphones. She starts the guided meditation, closes her eyes, and begins to relax. Ten minutes later her boss pops over to ask if the report is ready. So much for that.


5. Stretch Break

Bzzt. You leveled up! To her surprise she finds that her heart rate has been under threshold for the last two hours. Somehow the breathing exercise worked--and kept on working. "Yes!" she says. A few heads glance around cubicle walls. She waves back. Looks like the mission is on. She texts Mark a barrage of emoticons. But there's still the report to finish. Instead of procrastinating, she does the breathing exercise again and goes right to work.


6. Clocking Out

"Check your email," she says before her boss can ask if the report is done. She skips out to the sound of his applause. She takes the stairs instead of the elevator, realizing she could have exercised in here on a rainy day. Perhaps tomorrow she'll do that. Then again, the breathing exercise is her new best friend: it helped her finish the report and she has tons of bonus point she can spend on gear for the mission. She had no idea she could maintain a calm heart rate for so long.  


7.   Gaming Session

It's still raining and Chen is waiting out front. The window of his car rolls down and his mouth just hangs open. When she gets in he babbles about how impossible it is that she's leveled up just in time. He's excited about the mission. At his place he logs in right away. "Team's in place. We are going to conquer!"


8. Deep Dive in VR

The team elects Sara to lead the quest. Chen grabs the old school console controllers and tosses her the VR headset. She hesitates before putting it on. Maybe she'll just keep meditating instead--nah!


9. Another World

Sara enters the game world ready for action. She's already researched the mission, figured out the vital clue, and allocated her experience points in micro-moments during the day with her phone. She's completely prepared--in fact, she's never really left at all.

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